Our services respond to the present and future technological needs of the professional design community. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is leading and changing building design, documentation, analysis, visualization, and management processes. Design professionals prefer Autodesk Revit© for implementing BIM; the software has quickly become the standard instrument for documentation and design of construction projects worldwide. Revit Components strives to provide BIM users with highly functioning Revit© Component Families, enhancing design and supporting the utilization of a technology which we confidently support and promote.


ParametricComponents.com provides access to high-quality Revit© Component Families (.rfa), Templates (.rft) and Project files (.rvt). Our aim is to showcase professionally built models and allow BIM users to utilize them for their projects. Content is free to download by clicking on the image in each post and/or download link…continue reading > >

Revit© Component Family Creation

High-quality, Revit© specific Component Families are not yet common in the design industry. Designers, architects, engineers, and students need accurately represented 3D geometry to enhance and expedite their design processes, yet the creation of these models requires a significant amount of time and skill… continue reading > >

Revit© Content Distribution, Networking, and Marketing

The need for Revit© content increases daily. Since 2007 we have been distributing models and garnering attention from the BIM community. We bear witness to the ever increasing number of Revit users and the demand for related services. Our experiences have indicated that the most successful distribution efforts… continue reading > >

BIM Management & Implementation

If your firm does not employ an experienced BIM expert in-house, do yourself a huge favor and hire a consultant. BIM Managers are crucial when it comes to steering the company/project team in the right direction. It is essential that you have a resource you can trust and rely on assist project architects and engineers… continue reading > >

Project Support and Integration

Parametric Components caters full project integration services to help our clients realize their design intentions and meet construction goals. We implement and develop elements that are useful for current and future projects and that minimize errors and reduce excess work. Our experience with BIM technology streamlines the design process, improving project delivery and accuracy.